Scholars Portal Operations and Development Committee

The Scholars Portal Operations and Development Committee (SPOD) works with the Scholars Portal Director and the University of Toronto Libraries (as Scholars Portal's service provider) to establish priorities, make recommendations, and identify opportunities related to Scholars Portal initiatives, activities, and services. Support, input, and direction ar eprovied on the nature, structure, and scope of the initiatives, activities, and services, as well as on staffing, funding, sustainability, and assessment. The Committee regularly communicates to the OCUL Directors about key issues and opportunities to this vital OCUL service.


  • Beth Namachchivaya (University of Waterloo) - Committee Chair
  • Rebecca Graham (University of Guelph) - Director-at-large
  • Talia Chung (University of Ottawa) - Director-at-large
  • Kate Davis - Interim Director of Scholars Portal
  • Amy Greenberg - Interim Associate Director of Scholars Portal

Ex officio

  • Sian Meikle (University of Toronto) - Associate Chief Librarian for Digital Strategies and Technology
  • Ed Driedger (Nipissing University) - OCUL-SP Committee Co-Chair
  • Karen Pillon (University of Windsor) - OCUL-SP Committee Co-Chair
  • Michael Vandenburg - OCUL Interim Executive Director

Guests are invited to attend SPOD meetings on an as-needed basis.

Re-established November 2019

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