Strategic Plan

OCUL advances research, teaching, and learning by collaborating at scale in the development and delivery of innovative and transformative services, resources, and digital research infrastructure for Ontario's universities.

OCUL will be a key partner in a transformed teaching, learning, and research environment that surpasses the expectations of students, faculty, and staff across Ontario.

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In 2019-2024, OCUL will, independently or in partnership ...

1. Advance research

OCUL will expand the breadth and depth of research resources available to member institutions.  We will seek out innovative strategies for preserving and curating research resources. 

1.1.  Offer a growing number and variety of digital resources to the OCUL community (curated by commercial publishers, scholarly societies, researchers, or libraries; public domain, Open Access and licensed; purchased, subscribed to and free).
1.2.  Seek out effective and innovative strategies for preserving digital library collections and other research resources.
1.3.  Provide research data preservation and access for Ontario’s universities and their researchers.

2. Advance teaching and learning

OCUL will develop and deliver robust, user-centred and sustainable services to support the academic success of students, faculty and staff at member institutions. We will work to build capacity across member institutions.

2.1.  Pilot state-of-the-art services to the OCUL community to meet new and emerging needs.
2.2.  Provide services and resources in ways that respect the dignity and independence of all members of the OCUL community at all times.OCUL will be a leader in the development of partnerships to expand Canada’s digital research infrastructure and stimulate global collaboration by strengthening technological capacity and staff expertise in member libraries.

3. Support robust infrastructure

OCUL will continue to enhance the technological infrastructure and staff expertise required to support 21st century collections and services.

3.1.  Strengthen Ontario universities’ technological infrastructure (either independently or in collaboration).
3.2.  Work with partners to build a national research infrastructure where OCUL can offer or gain value.
3.3.  Strengthen staff expertise to support new collections, services and technological infrastructure.


4. Demonstrate value

OCUL will advance the efforts of Ontario’s academic libraries to transform scholarship and revolutionize the delivery of library services and resources by modeling both an evidence-based approach to its practices and a strong focus on communicating value.  

4.1.  Collect and assess data for all OCUL programs,activities, services, and resources to demonstrate the impact of OCUL programs and services on the scholarly community.
4.2.  Communicate the value OCUL brings to teaching, learning, and research across Ontario.

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