OCUL Communities

OCUL Communities are formed to:

  1. Promote and encourage the advancement of services in OCUL member institutions;
  2. Provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas pertaining to particular services and areas of expertise;
  3. Stay in touch with projects and innovations across member institutions and beyond;
  4. Seek opportunities to improve individual and shared infrastructure for existing and emerging initiatives.



Community membership is at the discretion of OCUL member institutions. A Community may include more than one person from an institution.

Each OCUL Community has a nominated Moderator with a term of two years. The Moderator's duties include:

  • Arranging meetings; soliciting members for agenda items.
  • Liaising with all relevant OCUL committee Chairs.
  • In collaboration with members, updates of the work plan.
  • Correspondence with outside agencies when necessary.
  • Liaising with other Community Moderators to organize joint agendas


Current OCUL Communities




Digitial Curation


Government Information

Information Technology


Public Service Renewal


Quality Assurance

Resource Sharing


To become involved in any of these OCUL Communities please contact the Community Moderator.


Community Proposals

Interested in forming an OCUL Community? Find out about proposals currently in development and how to submit.

Download the full Community Guidelines

In here you will find information about the process for establishing an OCUL Community, moderator responsibilities, reporting and decision-making, communications, work plans and administrative and financial support for OCUL Communities.


Want to know more about OCUL Communities? Have a look at our OCUL governance frequently asked questions.