View of the green unpaywall button below an article

Scholars Portal is pleased to announce the addition of unpaywall linking to the Scholars Portal Journals platform.
Unpaywall is a service that connects article DOIs to fulltext, Open Access versions of those articles from OA journals as well as pre-print repositories.

Friday, February 14th, 10am
This fall, the Scholars Portal Dataverse team launched the Data Curation Tool (DCT), which was developed in-house with funding from a CANARIE Research Data Management grant. The DCT aims to enhance data curation workflows within Dataverse, to improve the ability for data reuse, and to support the application of standards and best practices.

Wednesday, February 5th, 11AM
You've probably used RACER, Ask a Librarian, Dataverse, or Scholars Portal Journals--but what is Scholars Portal? Who works there, and what do they do? How can you stay informed? Join Scholars Portal staff on Wednesday, February 5th for a one-hour webinar answering these questions, and any others you might have!
Who should attend?
This webinar is aimed at staff new to OCUL libraries, but we encourage anyone curious or in need of a refresher to join.

We are excited to announce that Scholars Portal Journals is now live with a new user interface. This update refreshes the look and feel of Scholars Portal’s longest-standing content repository, while maintaining all of the existing functionalities.

With the new interface, Scholars Portal Journals is now visually aligned with the Scholars Portal Books platform.

Scholars Portal Roadshow 2020
We’re bringing the conversation to you!


Monday, January 27, 1pm
Join Meghan Goodchild, Research Data Management Systems Librarian at Scholars Portal and Queen’s University, for this one-hour webinar discussing the results of the needs assessment on RDM infrastructure for OCUL libraries. This project investigated the current strengths and gaps of RDM infrastructure at local, regional, and national levels. The aim is to inform service and platform developments that target the needs of OCUL libraries and researchers.
Who should attend? 

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