Licensing & Local Load Subcommittee

The purpose of the OCUL Licensing and Local Load Subcommittee (L3S) is to provide license reviewing expertise to OCUL and Scholars Portal initiatives; to periodically review model licenses and local loading policies and practices; and to work with Scholars Portal and OCUL staff to develop training opportunities and communication strategies that support licensing initiatives and expansion of licensing expertise at the local and consortial level.

The Subcommittee will:

  • Provide ongoing operational support to OCUL Licensing staff by providing detailed review and input for vendor licenses that are under negotiation, as needed.
  • Review model licenses used by OCUL and Scholars Portal and provide feedback regarding language in general and specifically, compliance with relevant provincial and federal legislation (e.g. accessibility, copyright, etc.)
  • Consider preservation concerns when reviewing and updating model licenses
  • Develop and maintain guides and best practices documents and tools to support OCUL Librarians in negotiating licenses
  • Develop licensing training opportunities to further develop licensing expertise within OCUL
  • Develop position statements on broad licensing issues (e.g. non-disclosure clauses, ILL of ebooks, local loading, preservation, etc.) which are used to articulate key principles to vendors as part of the negotiation process
  • Work with Scholars Portal staff to help communicate and inform members about local loading processes and policies for individual institution, OCUL, and CRKN licensed resources
  • Review and update, as necessary, the Scholars Portal Collection Policy and provide input as requested by OCUL or Scholars Portal staff for interpretation of the Collection Policy

At least 4 members from OCUL institutions with experience in negotiation and/or licensing (Chair will be selected from this group)
Scholars Portal Digital Preservation Librarian
Scholars Portal Assistant Director, Collections

Current Members:

  • Lauren Byl – Waterloo
  • Kate Davis – Scholars Portal
  • Ian Gibson – Guelph
  • Erin Calhoun - Toronto
  • Roger Reka – Windsor

Ex Officio:
Anika Ervin-Ward, OCUL Assistant Director, Collaborative Initiatives
Christa Foley, OCUL Assistant Director, Information Resources and Collections

Terms of membership are staggered with one and two year appointments to ensure continuity. Terms run from May to April.

Previously Negotiating Local Load Toolkit Working Group and Scholars Portal Collections Development Policy Working Group

Established 2012