Collaborative Futures Shared Policy Subcommittee (CFSP)

The Collaborative Futures Shared Policy Subcommittee (CFSP) creates policies, best practices and guidelines for OCUL members in areas spanning the work of two or more Collaborative Futures (CF) subcommittees, or in areas not captured by other CF subcommittees.


  • Makes policy, best practice and guideline recommendations to CF subcommittees and the CF Steering Committee for follow-up as appropriate.
  • Works closely and consults with relevant OCUL Communities.
  • May be dormant at some points depending on the work needed.


  • Three to five members (librarians and staff) with diverse expertise drawn from a broad range of OCUL member libraries; membership may be fluid to draw on specific expertise when required for projects.
    • One member is appointed CFSP Chair by OCUL-CFSC and approved by the CF Directors.
    • A co-chair may be appointed from subcommittee members, at the discretion of OCUL-CFSC and with approval of the CF Directors.
  • Ex officio: OCUL Executive Director or designate.

Membership is for a two-year period with opportunity for renewal. The subcommittee uses a staggered approach for recruiting new members to provide continuity of expertise.

Current members:

  • Ed Driedger (Nipissing University) – Chair
  • Sarah Martin (University of Waterloo)
  • Jennifer Browning (Carleton University)
  • Sandra Morden (Queen's University)
  • Wade Wyckoff (McMaster University)
  • Mandy Deans Kassies (Brock University)
  • Anika Ervin-Ward (OCUL Assistant Director, Collaborative Initiatives) – ex officio

CFSP established in 2019