Collaborative Futures Metadata Management and Standards Subcommittee (CFMMS)

The Collaborative Futures Metadata Management and Standards Subcommittee (CFMMS) is charged with drafting metadata (cataloging) policy for the Collaborative Futures (CF) shared library services platform. 


  • Creates policies and procedures concerning all metadata related to resource management, especially in the shared Network Zone, for all participating schools to follow.
  • Seeks guidance from and works closely with Standing Committees, the Expert Advisory Network (EAN) and OCUL Communities where relevant.


  • Four to seven members (librarians and staff) with diverse expertise drawn from a broad range of OCUL member libraries.
    • One member is appointed CFMMS Chair by OCUL-CFSC and approved by the CF Directors.
    • A co-chair may be appointed from subcommittee members, at the discretion of OCUL-CFSC and with approval of the CF Directors.
  • Ex officio: OCUL Executive Director or designate.

Membership is for a two-year period with opportunity for renewal. The subcommittee uses a staggered approach for recruiting new members to provide continuity of expertise.

Current members:

  • Meghan Burke (Queen’s University) – Chair
  • Shuzhen Zhao (University of Windsor)
  • Marcia Salmon (York University)
  • Alie Visser (Western University)
  • Johanna Whitson (University of Waterloo)
  • Jennifer Browning (Carleton University)
  • Iman El Gamal (University of Guelph)
  • Wade Wyckoff (McMaster University)
  • Alex Fletcher (OCUL Omni Technology and Network Zone Specialist) – ex officio

CFMMS established in 2018