Collaborative Futures Communications Subcommittee (CFCOMM)

The Collaborative Futures Communications Subcommittee (CFCOMM) establishes and supports ongoing communications planning and approaches for the Collaborative Futures (CF) initiative.


  • Identifies potential policies and shared procedures related to communications for CF.
  • Supports the continued development of communications materials related to CF and Omni, the academic search tool.
  • Works collaboratively with all CF subcommittees, the Expert Advisory Network (EAN) and relevant OCUL Communities to enable information flows.
  • Provides information for reports and communications for all participating CF members to follow, as needed.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations for ways CF subcommittees, working groups and the EAN can share and archive information related to CF.


  • Four to seven members (librarians and staff) with diverse expertise drawn from a broad range of OCUL member libraries.
    • One member is appointed CFCOMM Chair by OCUL-CFSC and approved by the CF Directors.
    • A co-chair may be appointed from subcommittee members, at the discretion of OCUL-CFSC and with approval of the CF Directors.
  • Ex officio: OCUL Executive Director (or designate) and OCUL Administration and Communications Coordinator.

Membership is for a two-year period with opportunity for renewal. The subcommittee uses a staggered approach for recruiting new members to provide continuity of expertise.

Current members:

  • Kymberly Ash (Brock University) – Chair
  • Anika Ervin-Ward (OCUL Assistant Director, Collaborative Initiatives) – ex officio
  • Katrina Fortner (OCUL Administration and Communications Coordinator) – ex officio

CFCOMM established in 2019