The Council

The University Librarians at Ontario's 21 university libraries are responsible for governing OCUL's work and are known as the OCUL Directors.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee supports the Directors group in fulfilling OCUL's purpose.


Joy Kirchner, Dean of Libraries, York University, Term: 2019-2020

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect:

Beth S. Namachchivaya, University Librarian, University of Waterloo, Term: 2019-20


Brent Roe, University Librarian, Laurentian University, Term: 2018-2020


Rebecca Graham, University Librarian, University of Guelph, Term: January-May 2020
Vivian Lewis, University Librarian, McMaster University, Term: January-May 2020


Talia Chung, University Librarian, University of Ottawa, Term: 2019-2021

Ex Officio:

John Barnett, Executive Director, Ontario Council of University Libraries