OCUL Health Resources Subcommittee


The OCUL Health Resources Subcommittee (OCHER) will assist the OCUL Information Resources Coordinator and the OCUL-IR Chair with further developing OCUL resources in this subject area by:

  • Ensuring that the resources, history, documentation, and licenses originally managed by the former Council of Ontario Academic Health Libraries (COAHL) prior to 2018 have been accurately and completely moved from COAHL to OCUL;
  • Extending these health resource offers to other OCUL members; and
  • Exploring licenses for new health resources with all OCUL members

Current Members

  • Andrea McLellan - McMaster University (Co-chair)
  • Mikaela Grey - University of Toronto
  • Weijing Yuan - University of Toronto
  • Caitlyn Carter - University of Waterloo
  • Kate Mercer - University of Waterloo
  • Shawn Hendrikx - University of Western Ontario
  • Selinda Berg - University of Windsor
  • Ian Robson - Queen's University
  • Anne Brule - Queen's University
  • Cathy Maskell - University of Windsor
  • Michael McArthur - NOSM
  • Ingrid Moisil - University of Ottawa

Established 2019