Strategic Plan

OCUL is a consortium of Ontario’s 21 university libraries. Our strength lies in our commitment to work together to maximize our collective expertise and resources. We enhance information services in Ontario and beyond through collective purchasing and shared digital information infrastructure, collaborative planning, advocacy, assessment, research, partnerships, communications, and professional development.

Building on an established record of leadership in the shared development of innovative digital library services and collections, OCUL will support Canada’s knowledge economy by providing the information tools and access essential for high quality education and research in Ontario’s universities.

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OCUL’s strategic plan will enable libraries to leverage and develop their collections, staff expertise, and resources in pursuit of learning and research excellence.

Collaborate to provide a world-class learning experience for Ontario’s students

OCUL will collaborate with its university partners to provide enhanced learning support and rich learning environments to ensure the engagement and success of Ontario’s diverse and growing student population.

Goal 1
Engage with OCUL members in support of an exceptional learning experience for Ontario students

Goal 2
Ensure maximum accessibility to digital library resources and services regardless of locations, preferences, and individual abilities

Goal 3
Foster relationships that contribute to building world-class digital library services for Ontario students    

Expand shared digital research infrastructure

OCUL will be a leader in the development of partnerships to expand Canada’s digital research infrastructure and stimulate global collaboration by strengthening technological capacity and staff expertise in member libraries.

Goal 1
Consolidate OCUL success and strengthen staff expertise to support digital research infrastructure

Goal 2
Build shared understanding with national partners about OCUL interests, strategic priorities, and successes

Goal 3
Work with partners to build a national research infrastructure    

Provide and preserve academic resources essential for teaching, learning and research

OCUL will continue to lead in the development of Ontario’s information environment. We will provide access to a diversity of learning and research materials, and will ensure their preservation through sustainable and responsible stewardship.

Goal 1
Preserve Ontario academic library collections, both print and digital

Goal 2
Expand depth and breadth of digital resources available to the OCUL community

Goal 3
Support enhanced local access to geospatial resources in Ontario universities

Goal 4
Maximize the value of shared digital library services    

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