OCUL Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement Contacts

OCUL Institution Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement Contact
Algoma University Contact: Tracy Spurway
Email: tracy.spurway [at] algomau.ca 
Brock University Contact: Monica Rettig
Email: mrettig [at] brocku.ca
Carleton University Contact: Joanne Rumig
Email: joanne.rumig [at] carleton.ca 
Guelph, University of Contact: Robin Sakowski
Email: rsakowsk [at] uoguelph.ca
Lakehead University Contact: Monique Marchand
Email: docdelivery [at] lakeheadu.ca 
Laurentian University Contact: Ginette Gervais
Email: grgervais [at] laurentian.ca 
McMaster University Contact: Lynne Serviss
Email: servisl [at] mcmaster.ca
Nipissing University Contact:  Ed Driedger
Email: edd [at] nipissingu.ca 
OCAD University Contact: Sarah Butterill
Email: sbutterill [at] ocadu.ca
Ontario Tech University Contact: Karin Downie
Email: karin.downie [at] ontariotechu.ca 
Ottawa, University of Contact: Annie N'Tula Mankeni
Email: antula [at] uottawa.ca (antula@)uottawa.ca
Queen's University Contact: Nathalie Soini
Email: soinin [at] queensu.ca OR library [at] queensu.ca 
Royal Military College Contact: Sarah Toomey
Email: sarah.toomey [at] rmc.ca
Trent University Contact: Kristy McKeown
Email:  kristykeown [at] trentu.ca
Toronto, University of Contact: Craig Butosi
Email: craig.butosi [at] utoronto.ca
Toronto Metropolitan University
(formerly Ryerson University) 
Contact: Kelly Kimberly
Email: kkimberl [at] torontomu.ca
University of Waterloo Contact: Sam Gibbon
Email: samantha.gibbon [at] uwaterloo.ca
Western University Contact: Crystal Mills
Email: cmills49 [at] uwo.ca
Wilfrid Laurier University Contact: Scott Gillies 
Email: sgillies [at] wlu.ca
Windsor, University of Contact: Dave Johnston
Email: djohnst [at] uwindsor.ca
York University Contact: Michelle De Agostini
Email: mdeagost [at] yorku.ca