OCUL and PHIRN partner to create a Population Health Database Directory

  • Posted on: 20 April 2011
  • By: Bart

OCUL has entered into a partnership with the Population Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN) to develop a “Population Health Database Directory”. The directory aims to provide information on databases available to researchers on the health of populations at international, national, provincial and health region levels (note that this is a metadata index which will provide information on who to contact for data access). OCUL will host the index at Scholars Portal and mark up the records with DDI-compliant metadata, and a new Data Services Metadata Librarian position will work jointly on this project and the Geospatial Portal project metadata. PHIRN will fund the project as well as providing index content. The index is expected to launch in Fall 2011. This index will provide greater visibility for OCUL in the health information domain.