Finding Open Access Content on Scholars Portal Journals

  • Posted on: 25 October 2016
  • By: Anika

Just in time for Open Access week, users can now easily find Open Access (OA) content on Scholars Portal Journals!

OCUL is a strong supporter of OA content.  Currently Scholars Portal Journals contains about 100 fully OA journals, and 165,000 OA articles between fully OA journals, delayed OA journals and hybrid OA journals. This includes a number of Open Access Journals that Scholars Portal hosts for OCUL members on Public Knowledge Project’s Open Journal System.  Most of the OA content on Scholars Portal Journals is preserved for future users in our Trusted Digital Repository.  

As of today, OA content on Scholars Portal Journals is more discoverable than ever. 

OA articles are identified by a green “Open Access” badge. 

Image of Scholars Portal Journal Open Access article citation

Scholars Portal has added an OA category to the browse feature, so users can browse through fully OA titles. 

Image of Scholars Portal Journal browse screen including 'open access' button


Users can limit their search results to OA content only by checking the “Open Access Articles” button when searching. 

Image of Scholars Portal Journals search screen with Open Access Articles check box

Visit Scholars Portal Journals to try this new feature: