New Features for Scholars Portal Dataverse

  • Posted on: 4 October 2016
  • By: Anika

Scholars Portal is pleased to announce the release of the new Scholars Portal Dataverse.

The Scholars Portal Dataverse is a repository for research data collected by individuals and organizations affiliated with Ontario universities. It is open to anyone in the world to deposit, and currently has 125 published Dataverses, with over 670 datasets deposited to date.  

screen shot of Scholars Portal Dataverse home screen.

New features in Dataverse 4 include:

  • An updated interface, including French language toggle (in beta)
  • Institutional Dataverses, where you can easily deposit and share data with your institution
  • Persistent identifiers (DOIs) for data from DataCite Canada
  • New widgets and theming options
  • Extended disciplinary support for health and life sciences, astronomy, and social science metadata

Check out these features at


A special acknowledgement and thank you to the team at IQSS, Harvard University, for their continued development of the Dataverse Project ( Thank you to the Université de Montréal for their ongoing contribution to the Dataverse French interface and Internationalization Project. And, thank you the OCUL Dataverse Working Group, who have provided valuable expertise and testing for this upgrade.

For questions or feedback about the new Dataverse please contact: dataverse [at]