Dataverse-Archivematica Integration: Initial Requirements Analysis Completed

  • Posted on: 16 September 2015
  • By: Anika

OCUL and Scholars Portal are pleased to announce that work is proceeding on the development of integration between Dataverse and Archivematica. This work is being done in conjunction with Artefactual Systems, the developers of Archivematica digital preservation software.

It has been a busy few weeks on this project. Artefactual's developers and analysts have been running tests using Dataverse's Data Access API (see to determine how Dataverse research data studies should be ingested into Archivematica, and have come up with a draft workflow and requirements.

The analysis suggested that the best way to ingest the studies is to have an automated ingest script parse information coming from Dataverse into a METS file, so that Archivematica can correctly interpret the contents of a study at the point of ingest. This method should prove relatively easy to maintain, since changes to how Dataverse exports content can be dealt with by modifying the automated ingest script rather than Archivematica itself.

The results of this analysis are documented on the Archivematica wiki at

If you have any comments or questions about this work, we'd welcome your input on the Archivematica discussion list at!forum/archivematica , or please email Leanne Trimble at leanne [at]