Open Access content available in SP Journals

  • Posted on: 3 February 2014
  • By: Anika

The Scholars Portal Journals team has been actively working over the past few months to identify and load Open Access (OA) content from commercial publishers.

To date, OA journals from BioOne, Cambridge, Elsevier, IEEE, Informahealth, IOP, and Oxford University Press have been loaded. Including the non-commercial content from Synergies and OMAFRA, this brings the total number of OA titles on the Journals platform to 104.

 These titles are identified by a green "Open Access" label, on both the 'browse' page for the journal, and at the individual abstract level.

Additional OA journals from commercial publishers will be added over the next few months, including 300+ titles from DeGruyter, and several titles from Elsevier and Oxford.

In addition to fully open journals,  Scholars Portal is working with commercial publishers to identify individual OA articles in "hybrid" journals. These articles are also identified by the "Open Access" label on the article abstract page.

Expect to see more of these in the coming months as additional open articles are identified and made available. A summary of the OA content in SP Journals can be found on the SPOTDOCS wiki:

Full-text of all OA content is available to users without any authentication required.


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