New collections available for non-OCUL ODESI subscribers

  • Posted on: 6 March 2013
  • By: Anika

OCUL is pleased to announce that subscribers to ODESI from outside Ontario will now have access to additional data collections previously unavailable. There is no change to the subscription price for ODESI which covers the costs of software support and maintenance only.  Thanks to Carleton University for contributing many of these collections.

Collections now include:

  • Data Liberation Initiative microdata and aggregate data,
  • Public opinion polls from:
    • Gallup Canada (475+ studies)*
    • Leger Canada 'Voice of the People' (30 studies)
    • CRIC (Center for Research and Information on Canada) (12 studies)*
    • 'Listening to Canadians' studies (10 studies)*
  • Other Canadian data collections:
    • Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation (studies of college and university students) (13 studies)*
    • International Social Survey Programme (Canadian data only) (18 studies)*
    • Institute for Social Research, primarily Canadian Election Study (25 studies)
    • Canadian Policy Research Network (EKOS Changing Employment Relationships Survey) (1 study)*

*Carleton University is the custodian of these collections, and data can also be obtained directly from Carleton upon request, at no cost. To inquire, please contact Jane Fry at jane_fry [at]

Please note that, as always, ODESI subscriptions are open only to Canadian educational institutions with a current Data Liberation Initiative subscription. All data are for educational use only.

For more information on subscribing to ODESI please contact Leanne Trimble at leanne [at]