OCUL 2012 Citation Management System Selection Project

  • Posted on: 12 July 2012
  • By: Anika

OCUL announces new project to select an online citation management system.

Earlier this year, the OCUL Citation Management Investigation Task Force was asked to provide a report with recommendations to the OCUL Directors. The report was presented to the Spring 2012 meeting and all of the recommendations were accepted. OCUL is now announcing a new project to select a citation management system.   

OCUL is committed to supporting Ontario university libraries’ in their mission to provide access to a rich and diverse array of academic resources in ways that best meet the needs of the students, faculty and the public they serve. To this end, in early 2012, OCUL conducted a broad consultation with its membership about future provision of a consortia-based citation management system. The market place for these systems has matured considerably since OCUL first implemented the current Citation Management System, RefWorks, in 2004 with several competing commercial products as well as open source solutions now available. Given this market maturity and continued strong interest in OCUL to leverage our collective buying power to keep costs low, OCUL feels it is appropriate at this time to initiate an RFP process for an online citation management system. Working with the University of Toronto Libraries, the service provider for Scholars Portal, OCUL will be preparing an RFP to be issued in the second half of 2012.

For more information and updates on this project visit the OCUL 2012 Citation Management System Selection Project webspace: http://www.ocul.on.ca/node/1258. General enquiries can be emailed to ocul [at] ocul.on.ca.