OCUL Accessibility Community Virtual Huddle: Library eResource Accessibility Project

  • Posted on: 10 October 2019
  • By: Sabina

Wednesday, October 16 @ 11am

The OCUL Accessibility Community invites you to join our next Virtual Huddle, on the topic of Library eResources Accessibility Project (LEAP).

In the recent few months, there has been significant interest from OCUL institutions on developing a better evaluation protocol for online resources. Given the forthcoming AODA accessibility standards deadline of January 1, 2020 for multi-media/digital resources offered by educational libraries, the Accessibility Community is reviewing available resources to support its membership in this work.

This Virtual Huddle will feature Siobán Linnen (Projects and Communications Coordinator, OCLS) and Corinne Abba (Librarian, George Brown College), who will present a new tool which has been developed by the Ontario Colleges Library Service and designed to audit electronic resources. LEAP allows library staff to evaluate a wide range of electronic resources by completing an automated questionnaire which then assigns a grade and stores evaluation summary in a database for others to access.
Please note that this session will be recorded. Previous recordings from the Huddle Series can be accessed through links below.

Who should attend
This session is open to members of the Accessibility Community and the wider OCUL Community and is intended for anyone with an interest in library accessibility, e-resources, procurement, and user testing

How to connect 
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About the speakers
Siobán Linnen is the Projects and Communications Coordinator at the Ontario Colleges Library Service (OCLS) and she is currently serving as Project Manager for the Library eResources Accessibility Project (LEAP) alongside her colleague Corinne Abba. Siobán can be reached at slinnen [at] ocls.ca.
Corinne Abba (pronouns: she/her) is an academic librarian at George Brown College. An advocate for inclusive librarianship, Corinne is the Chair of the AODA Committee for College Libraries Ontario (2014-present) and currently serves as Project Manager for LEAP, the Library eResources Accessibility Project, with her colleague Siobán Linnen. Corinne can be reached at cabba [at] georgebrown.ca

What is a virtual huddle?
This virtual huddle is an informal meeting designed to facilitate information sharing and support a robust community of practice around accessibility issues. This event is an opportunity to join a video call to share information, ask questions or just be privy to a discussion on one focus issue related to accessibility. 

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For questions about this session, please contact Katya Pereyaslavska at katya [at] scholarsportal.info