Can I use these maps in a publication or website?

Yes! These maps are completely open access and in the public domain, you are free to adapt and re-use them in a publication of any medium. Please be sure to properly cite the maps, and acknowledge their source. If you use these maps in a publication, we’d love to hear from you.

If I use these maps in a publication, how do I cite them?

Maps found in this collection can be cited according to the following format:

Name of Data Producer [Current name of data producer]. Title of Geospatial Product [format]. Date of data, if known. Name of person who generated map; Name of interactive site used to generate map; URL (generated date).


Canada, Department of Militia and Defence [Department of National Defence]. Toronto, Ontario. 1:63,360. Map Sheet 030M11, [ed. 2], 1915 [Digital]. 1915. Generated by John Doe; using Scholars GeoPortal; http://geo.scholarsportal.info (March 22, 2017).

Canada, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources [Department of Natural Resources]. Burlington, Ontario. 1:25,000. Map Sheet 030M05C, ed. 3, 1972 [Digital]. 1972. Generated by Jane Doe; using Scholars GeoPortal; http://geo.scholarsportal.info (February 15, 2017).

Can I print these maps out for personal use or art projects?

Yes! Since these maps are in the public domain, you are welcome to download, copy, modify, adapt and print these maps (they make wonderful wall art!). To get started, simply select “download” beside any map sheet, and save the JPG to your device.

Not quite sure what you can make from old maps? Brit + Co has some neat ideas to get you started.

Where can I find newer topographical maps?

Many topographical maps published after 1977 can be found on Geogratis, which is maintained by Natural Resources Canada. Some printed maps may also be found at your local university library.

Where can I find printed copies of these maps?

For help with locating and selecting maps from this collection, or for newer maps, you can get help from your local university library.

If you would like to know the location of a specific printed map that was digitized as part of this project, please contact us.

How large are the printed maps?

The dimensions for the original, printed maps are (approximately):

For the 1:63,360 maps: 30” x 25” or 76cm x 64cm For the 1:25,000 maps: 29” x 22.5” or 74cm x 57cm