Ebooks Subcommittee

Superseded by Collections Subcommittee (July 2016)


To take a leadership role in deliberations on eBook collections; To communicate with vendors or publishers to discuss, analyze or clarity issues regarding purchase offers; To shepherd eBook offers from initial interest and proposal through to a final agreement; To provide direction in obtaining clarifications and improvements.


  • Co-Chair: Tony Horava, Ottawa
  • Co-Chair: Janice Adlington, McMaster
  • Alex Homanchuk, OCADU
  • May Yan, Ryerson
  • Marisa Scigliano, Trent
  • Weijing Yuan, Toronto
  • Kate Davis, Scholars Portal
  • Graham Staffen, Windsor

Ex Officio:

  • Rea Devakos, OCUL

The committee is composed of no more than six persons, with at least one representative from the three size groupings of institutions (small = under 10,000 FTE; medium = 10,000 to 25,000 FTE; large = over 25,000 FTE. This includes a chair or two co-chairs. The Projects Officer is a member ex officio. Meetings are held whenever there is a perceived issue or need.

Established 2007-2016