OCUL Collections Subcommittee

Superseded by Collections Subcommittee (July 2016)

The role of the OCUL Collections Subcommittee is:

  • to aid the OCUL Projects Officer in vetting and evaluating vendor product proposals on behalf of the OCUL IR group;
  • to meet with vendors and assist with vendor negotiations, when appropriate;
  • to recommend to the OCUL Projects Officer proposals to be presented to the OCUL IR group.

Minimum of three librarians, chosen from the member libraries. The candidates should represent diverse libraries based on size and academic programs.

  • Chair: Jacqueline Cato, OCUL
  • Samuel Cassady (Western)
  • Kate Davis (Scholars Portal)
  • David Gall (Waterloo)
  • Aaron Lupton (York)
  • Rebecca Kasperavicius (Nipissing)
  • Paul St. Pierre (Guelph)
  • Jacqueline Whyte-Appleby (Scholars Portal)
  • Weijing Yuan (Toronto)

Appointment Process:
Members will be chosen by the OCUL IR group and report to the OCUL Projects Officer.

Subcommittee members should serve three years on a rotating basis so that the collective memory is preserved.

The OCUL Projects Officer chairs this subcommittee.

Meeting are at the call of the Chair and may be by phone or in person.

The subcommittee will normally communicate by email and/or phone.

Superseded by Collections Subcommittee (July 2016)