OCUL Usage Rights (OUR) Database Subcommittee

Established 2011 
Disbanded 2016


To help coordinate the loading and maintenance of consortial licenses in the OUR database, and the sharing of local licenses; to develop best practices for recording license terms in OUR; to determine development priorities for OUR; to keep OCUL schools and other OUR database users informed of progress and developments; to maintain a user guide and support documentation.


  • Chair: Aaron Lupton, York
  • David Sharp, Carleton
  • Christine Hiller, CREPUQ
  • Yanick Beaudoin, CRKN
  • Janice Adlington, McMaster
  • Jacqueline Cato, OCUL
  • Dana Thomas, Ryerson
  • Amaz Taufique, Scholars Portal
  • Christina Zoricic, Western

Ex Officio:

Rea Devakos, OCUL Projects Officer


Members are appointed for 1 to 2 years. The Chair is appointed for 2 years, and serves an additional year as a member in order to ensure continuity.



Summaries of meetings, as well as documents and other additional information, may be found on SPOTdocs wiki. (login required).