OCUL Quality Assurance Community

Quality Assurance Framework (2010) established new procedures for approving new undergraduate and graduate programs and for reviewing existing programs in publicly assisted universities. As part of the Framework, each university also developed its own IQAP (Institutional Quality Assurance Process). Libraries contribute reports as part of the academic self-study process in their institutions.
This community is a continuation of the work begun by OCUL IR in 2010, when it established a Quality Assurance Template (QAT) Working Group to try to develop a template to assist libraries in contributing to academic reviews. The Working Group engaged in a range of self-educational activities, workshops for librarians and spirited discussions about how libraries should approach program reviews. The group had grappled with DLEs, IQAPs, Learning Outcomes, inputs/outputs, meaningful collection usage data and other measures of library contribution to student learning outcomes.

The OCUL Quality Assurance Community is an ongoing community that:

  • Develops and shares best practices, processes and experiences for writing effective reports under Ontario's Quality Assurance Process / IQAPs
  • Advocates for a provincial set of common library inputs, outcomes, and measures for the Ontario's Quality Assurance Process / IQAPs

Community Moderator

Leeanne Romane, McMaster University (romanel1 [at] mcmaster.ca)

Community Members

Established 2013

More Information

For more information or to participate in this community email ocul [at] ocul.on.ca.

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