OCUL Publishing/Hosting Community

The OCUL Publishing/Hosting Community aspires to create a space where OCUL members can discuss hosting/publishing challenges, emerging relevant developments in hosting/publishing, and best practices for member institutions. Ideally, by working together OCUL institutions can strive to eliminate duplicate efforts where possible and identify potential economies of scale. The community aims to:

  • Encourage open discussion among OCUL journal publishing/hosting services
  • Research best practices and guidelines for institutional/consortial hosting/publishing efforts
  • Identify overlapping concerns or areas of common interest to be addressed collaboratively
  • Explore potential partnerships and/or memberships with publishing/hosting related organizations
  • Identify potential economies of scale including shared infrastructure/software support
  • Organize meetings of OCUL members to discuss journal publishing/hosting
  • Work with the OCUL/PKP Partners Team to brainstorm and evaluate ideas

Community Moderator

Ann Ludbrook, Ryerson University (aludbrook [at] ryerson.ca)

Community Members

Established 2013

More Information

For more information or to participate in this community email ocul [at] ocul.on.ca.

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