SFX is the software that OCUL libraries use to provide the GetIt! Service that connects users to full-text resources.

The internet is a great place to discover what information is available, but most scholarly research is locked behind publisher web sites and available to users only through subscriptions.

SFX allows libraries to manage these subscriptions and link researchers to licensed resources distributed across the web.

Knowledge Base Services

SFX maintains a database of every electronic journal and hundreds of thousands of electronic books. OCUL libraries tailor this database to match the subscriptions that they pay for on behalf of their user community. When users search online databases such as PubMed or Scopus and web resources like Google Scholar, links are presented to researchers via SFX to connect users to copies of articles their libraries have purchased on their behalf.

A-Z and Subject Lists

The SFX Knowledge Base can also be used by libraries to generate A-Z lists of journal titles held by a library. Many OCUL schools use SFX for this purpose and have integrated these lists within their own library web portals. Each journal in the SFX Knowledge Base is assigned to one or more subject categories and with SFX users can browse for journals in fields of interest to them.

Article Finder

​If you have a citation in hand, you can use SFX’s Article Finder to locate a copy of the article by filling in a simple web form with the citation details.