Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service and Infrastructure Initiative

ODESI is a web-based data exploration, extraction and analysis tool. It is the product of a unique partnership between university libraries, business, and government, which greatly improves access to statistical data for researchers, teachers and students. ODESI provides researchers the ability to search for survey questions (variables) across hundreds of datasets held in a growing number of collections. It supports basic tabulation and analysis online, and allows for the downloading of most datasets into statistical software for further analysis. ODESI provides unprecedented access to extensive collections of polling and social survey data. Key polling data collections include: Canadian Opinion Research Archive (CORA), Canadian Gallup, and Ipsos Reid. Statistics Canada's public-use survey data forms the core of ODESI's social survey data holdings.

ODESI inspires, develops and supports excellence in quantitative research, data publishing and statistical literacy and is of benefit to both the experienced and beginning researcher. It introduces undergraduates to data literacy and data discovery at an early stage in their careers; it provides the experienced researcher the ability to search immediately across hundreds of datasets and collections, allowing for faster and more meaningful data reviews, and instant access to data for further study.

ODESI is a service of the Ontario Council of University Libraries, and was made possible with the supportof the Government of Ontario through its OntarioBuys initiative. ODESI is based on the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) social survey metadata standard and the Nesstar data system.

In 2011, OCUL was pleased to announce that was opened on a subscription basis to Statistics Canada's Data Liberation initiative member institutions across Canada. DLI-member educational institutions may contact odesi-help [at] scholarsportal.info for subscription and pricing details.

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