Scholars Portal Journals is a digital repository of over 43 million scholarly articles drawn from journals covering every academic discipline.

Why should I use Scholars Portal Journals?

The content in Scholars Portal is hand-selected by subject specialists at the 21 university libraries that make up the Ontario Council of University Libraries. The content you will find in Scholars Portal comprises the most complete multi-disciplinary database of peer reviewed academic literature available anywhere. With a single-search, you can find material from the important journals in your field. You can track new issues in these journals using RSS feeds. You can follow citation links to explore different treatments of topics. You can explore historical dimensions of many topics by searching through extensive backfiles of digitized articles.

Isn’t all of this available for free on the Internet?

There are many search engines you can use to explore academic content on the Internet. And there are many new resources available published as Open Access content. And while OCUL supports these new publishing models, the reality is that most scholarly content is still available only through commercial channels. Search engines on the web can point you to this content, but your library makes it possible for you to access that content through subscriptions and licensing fees. With Scholars Portal, the Ontario university libraries have built a service that not only allows you to search these licensed resources, but that will house and archive that content so that future generations of scholars will continue to be able to access the same content regardless of changes in the publishing world or changes in your local library’s subscription policies.

Why isn’t my favorite journal available?

We are always adding new content to Scholars Portal. If there is a journal you’d like to see added, please let your local library know or contact us at journals [at] with a request to add your favorite journal to our collection.

Our technology platform

Scholars Portal runs on a cluster of 6 Dell servers and uses MarkLogic Server for indexing and searching. Our storage array contains over 20TB of full-text storage.


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