Eresources Payment Processes Subcommittee

Superseded by Collections Subcommittee (July 2016)


To provide feedback and assist the OCUL Office staff in developing best practices related to internal controls and payment processes for licensing  electronic resources (eresources); To develop communication and training to inform member libraries about workflow, practices, and policies surrounding eresources payments; To build OCUL’s awareness about payment practices at other consortia, policies within member  institutions, and eresources taxation rules that may impact how OCUL  and COU handle invoicing of eresources; To research and analyze acquisitions budget practices at member institutions that may impact how eresources licensing practices; To develop communication for vendors on OCUL renewal licensing and payment requirements;

·         3-5 members from OCUL institutions with acquisitions budget management expertise
·         Members should represent diverse libraries based on size and academic programs
·         OCUL Administrative Assistant: Eresources
·         OCUL Business Officer
·         OCUL Projects Officer

Current Membership:

Chair: Rea Devakos, OCUL Project Officer
Weijing Yuan, Toronto
Carol Mittlestead, UOIT
Harriet Rykse, Western
Jane Philipps, Queen's
Mandy Dean Kassies, Brock
Jacqueline Cato, OCUL Administrative Assistant: Eresources
Nur Artok, OCUL Business Officer