130 St. George St. 7th fl
Toronto, ON Canada M5S 1A5

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The OCUL and Scholars Portal offices are on the 7th floor of Robarts Library. Take the elevator from the 2nd floor (go inside the turnstiles and use P4, the second elevator from the right).
On the 7th floor, use the wall phone located outside the ITS Dept door (to the left of the elevators) to phone the OCUL or Scholars Portal office.

OCUL Office Contacts

Name Title Phone Public Email Address
Anika Ervin-Ward Administration & Communications Coordinator (on leave) 416-978-5338
Gordon Bertrand Collaborative Futures Implementation Manager 519-884-0710 ext. 4923
Jacqueline Cato Information Resources Coordinator 613-520-2600 ext. 4261
John Barnett Executive Director 416-946-0578
Khalud Adam OCUL Information Resources Assistant
Mandy Deans Kassies Collaborative Futures Shared LSP Coordinator 416-978-0672
Nur Artok OCUL Business Officer 416-978-0894

Scholars Portal Office Contacts

Name Title Phone Public Email Address
Agnes Bai Systems and Web Analyst 416-978-6629
Alan Darnell Director, Scholars Portal Services 416-910-4016
Amaz Taufique Assistant Director (Systems and Technical Operations) 416-946-0912
Amber Leahey Data & GIS Librarian (on leave) 416-978-7217
Amy Greenberg Assistant Director (Client & Member Services) 416-946-7706
Andrew Hong Programmer/Analyst
Annie Thomas Programmer/Analyst 416-946-8214
Bartek Kawula Web & Discovery Services Librarian
Bikramjit Singh Senior Systems Administrator
Carlos McGregor Systems Support Specialist
Dawas Zaidi Systems Support Specialist
Grant Hurley Digital Preservation Librarian 416-978-5648
Guinsly Mond├ęsir Virtual Reference Services Librarian 416-978-6191
Harpinder Singh Senior Systems Administrator 416-795-0744
Jacqueline Whyte Appleby Scholarly Resources Librarian 416-946-8212
Jayanthy Chengan Programmer/Analyst 416-946-0478
Jo Ashley GIS Analyst 416-978-6244
Kaitlin Newson Digital Projects Librarian 416-978-6639
Kara Handren Metadata Librarian
Kate Davis Assistant Director (Collections & Digital Preservation) 416-946-0379
Katya Pereyaslavska Online Learning & Accessibility Librarian 416-946-8616
Meghan Goodchild Research Data Management Systems Librarian 613-533-6000 ext. 75297
Qinqin Lin Programmer/Analyst 416-946-8618
Ravit David Digital Production Content Manager 416-946-8213
Sabina Pagotto Client Services Librarian 416-978-0189
Sadia Khwaja Senior Programmer Developer
Sohaib Anwar Systems Support Specialist
Sunil Manikonda Programmer/Analyst 416-978-2473
Victoria Lubitch Programmer/Analyst 416-978-7216
Wei Zhao Metadata Librarian 416-946-0951