The Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) leads and participates in a number of initiatives with the goal of enhancing research supports and creating rich learning environments for Ontario's diverse and growing student population

Information Resources

OCUL provides access to a diversity of learning and research materials, and ensures their preservation through sustainable and responsible stewardship.

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Digital Infrastructure

OCUL strives to provide innovative and dynamic access to our shared information resources, and to be a leader in the development of partnerships to expand Canada’s digital research infrastructure.

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Scholars Portal

Scholars Portal provides the technological infrastructure that preserves and provides access to information resources collected and shared by Ontario’s 21 university libraries.

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OCUL works with other provincial partners to encourage the advancement of access to electronic data resources including those provided under the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI).

Maps & Geospatial

OCUL is committed to expanding access to maps, geospatial data, and other cartographically related resources, both print and digital.