OCUL Governance Task Group


The Task Group works with the OCUL Executive and the University of Toronto Libraries (as Scholars Portal’s service provider) to review the effectiveness of OCUL’s Governance structure inclusive of its arrangement with the Scholars Portal operation and recommends revisions to OCUL’s governance structure in time for the Fall 2020 OCUL Directors’ Meeting. In order to arrive at the recommendations, it is expected that the task group will consult with the OCUL Executive at regular intervals. Support, scope and direction are provided by the OCUL Executive. It is expected the Task Group will host occasional consultation calls with OCUL Directors and other OCUL stakeholders (e.g., OCUL committees, SP & OCUL staff) as needed.

The Task Group shall be guided by the following undertakings:

  • To ensure effective functioning of OCUL governance structure (clear roles, clear decision-making)
  • To ensure effective alignment with OCUL's new strategic plan
  • To ensure that committees are appropriately anchored within the governance structure
  • To clarify and confirm committee roles and responsibilities
  • To ensure that all standing committees link and anchor to the Executive Committee
  • To ensure appropriate distribution of responsibilities for Executive roles
  • To ensure a strong, effective relationship among SP, UTL, and OCUL

Membership and Term

The Task Group shall be composed of 5-6 directors which will include:

  • 3 directors at large, selected from an open call
  • 2 members of OCUL-EXEC, specifically the OCUL Vice Chair/Chair-Elect and Past Chair
  • Chief Librarian, University of Toronto

Resource persons as required:

  • OCUL-SP Director (ex officio)
  • OCUL Executive Director (ex officio)

Current Membership

  • Joy Kirchner - York (chair)
  • Carol Shepstone - Ryerson
  • Larry Alford - Toronto
  • Pascal Calarco - Windsor
  • Michael Vandenburg - Queen's/OCUL