ARL - Association of Research Libraries

BC ELN - British Columbia Electronic Library Network

CACUL - Canadian Association of College and University Libraries

CARL - Canadian Association of Research Libraries

CAUL/CBUA - Council of Atlantic University Libraries/Conseil des bibliotheque de l'Atlantique

CLA - Canadian Library Association

Consortia Canada

Consortium of Ontario Libraries

Council of Federal Libraries

COPPUL - Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries

COU - Council of Ontario Universities

CREPUQ - Conference des recteurs et des principaux des universites du Quebec 

CRKN - Canadian Research Knowledge Network

ICOLC - International Coalition of Library Consortia

Knowledge Ontario  / KO Statistics

OCULA - Ontario College and University Library Association

OLA - Ontario Library Association

OLITA - Ontario Library and Information Technology Association

SOLS - Southern Ontario Library Service

TAL - The Alberta Library  


Other Resources

IUTS - Inter-University Transit Service